Axis custom cymbal stand

Just got my first prototype cymbal stands from Axis - the only company that makes pro-quality aluminum drum hardware. I designed the stand with Darrell Johnston, the owner of the company. It was not a formal process! We just talked on the phone about it and he built it. It has some spectacular innovations, like all their stuff.

Firstly, it's incredibly light. 39.3 oz, as compared to a ludwig 60's flat base cymbal stand which weighs 56 oz.
Secondly, it has 2 sections instead of 3 (the collars add the most weight because they have to be made out of steel. getting rid of one of them shaved off a lot of weight). the stand has plenty of height for most players (50"), BUT, they still fold up very small because you can loosen the screw which holds the tripod to the bottom section and slide the tripod off or up.
Thirdly, the top screw is an innovative design where the wingnut is actually the male part, and the tilter rod is the female, making it much less likely to drop it on the floor of a dark club and have to spend the next 5 minutes crawling around on your hands and knees looking for it.
Fourth, the feet are small spinning cylinders, which have velcro on one side - which keep the stand from creeping with heavy playing, in spite of it's light weight.
Fifth, it's black and looks GREAT.
Lastly, if you need a taller stand, or you want to make it heavier duty for whatever reason, you can take off the tripod and put the 2 sections into their bigger base to create a 3 section, double braced stand; or you can simply put their larger gauge bottom tube into the existing single braced tripod!

Finally, a workable, lightweight modular cymbal stand solution for the working drummer.
I'm hoping these end up as a regular part of their product line. Call Karen Blashaw at Axis to order these babies!
Here are some pics

Graham Hawthorne 2012