"Graham not only has a great feel, but he thinks musically and out of the box, which is incredibly important for what we're doing on this tour. His drums, the instruments themselves, sound good too, he knows how to sonically find a space for them. Of course half the sound of the instrument is the player"
David Byrne at Puredrums.net

"It goes without saying that he is an excellent musician"
Paul Simon - New Yorker magazine 11/25/2002

"Graham's feel is ridiculous whatever genre of music, and Fab gets great sounds. Together they've helped me on both film scores and hip-hop."
Mark Ronson, DJ/Producer (Nika Costa, Jay-Z, Outkast, Moby, Nelly Furtado) - Puredrums.net

"Graham's playing is right on the money. Impeccable time, great recording quality and most of all, it grooves"
Chris Hajian (Composer: Inspector Gadget 2, Raw Nerve, It Factor, the Brokaw Report) - Puredrums.net

Graham Hawthorne 2012