Graham and his network of A+ level musicians and technicians are available for internet sessions. We can play, write, arrange, produce, edit, mix, master, contract, or simply consult on your project or song. For those of you unfamiliar with the terminternet session- it means collaboration on music production and recording over the internet, without the need to be in the same room, or even on the same continent. You upload your song, we download it, work on it and re-upload the new or revised content to you.

Let's say you want a drum or percussion track for your song (or jingle, or movie, or whatever). send us a pro tools file, a full resolution WAV or AIF file, or even a compressed file like an MP3 or AAC. We'll record the desired instruments, and upload all the new audio files (and session document if you're a pro tools user). Or if you don't want to be bothered with all the individual tracks, We'll make you a stereo or mono drumstripewhich will fit nicely into your mix!

Now, if you want other instruments/players/singers, no problem. New York City has the biggest pool of high level talent in the world. Tell us who you want, we'll get them over and have them play or sing or whatever on your track. Or just send it over and leave finding the talent to us. With our extensive experience and network we always find the best people.

Here are some of the internet session services we offer:

1. Drum or percussion tracks.

2. Contracting and recording outside instrumental or vocal talent - bass, guitar, keys, vocals, horns, strings, winds, exotic ethnic instruments, etc.

3. Arranging - Whether it means moving sections around to create a tighter song form, writing a horn, string or vocal arrangement, or just muting instruments you've already recorded at specific moments.

4. Song tweaking - Fixing a broken chorus, finding the perfect rhyme for your girlfriend's name, rewriting or providing the harmony, melody or rhythm to your song.

5. GROOVE EDITING - This is capitalized cause it's so important, and you will find no one better at it anywhere. We move rhythmic things around by small increments, making the whole track feel better. Sounds easy but to do it right is an art!

For you Pro Tools/DAW saavy folks, we do not use beat detective and quantize audio events, or simply move things to be right on the grid - that makes music feelaccurate,but not particularly good. There is no substitute for the rhythmic acuity of a world class rhythmatist, and that's what it takes to make a track feelridiculouslygood.

6. Mixing and mastering - We have a handful of world class engineers that we work with. We'll get your song or project ready to go on the air or to the pressing plant.

Word of advice - Your buddy who has a pro tools rig in his spare bedroom is not a world class mix or mastering engineer, even if he/she bought an expensive plug-in bundle. Great mix and mastering engineers are exceedingly rare, even in new york city. Both are highly specialized skills that requires years of study and experience, a considerable amount of talent, and some very expensive gear and facilities. Don't pour all your blood sweat and tears into making your song great then skimp on the final steps!

7. Not sure what your song needs? Send it over. We'll have a listen and give you our opinion - free of charge; then if you want to go ahead with other steps, we'll jump in.

Graham Hawthorne 2012