Rates are determined on a case by case basis - it's simply too complicated to determine a fee structure that works for every situation. But here are a couple of common scenarios to give you an idea.

Drum track for one standard length song (3-5 minutes), on an independently funded record, demo or small label:
starts @ $150 if everything's in order; in other words:
you send a form chart.
your track lines up with a click track! super important.
your tracks are organized, well recorded and feel good.

If any of those things require tweaking before we begin recording, the price goes up commensurately.

Additional overdubs or doubles: $50 for the first one, $25 for each one after.

Incidentally, we send you ALL the takes we record, with the minumum being 2; and we do whatever necessary editing or tweaking so that when you get the tracks, they feel and work great with no additional work on your part.

For label and corporate projects, multiply prices x2.

If you would like to book or you have questions, use the contact form and in the internet sessionfield, write your question or inquiry.

Payment structure:

50% downpayment due once price is agreed upon. When the track is recorded, we send you a rough mix for approval. Once you approve, the balance is due and we upload the individual audio tracks and/or session document. We accept paypal, cash or certified check. If you want to use paypal, clik on the storepage of this website. Simply buy as many $25 increments as it takes to make up the prearranged fee; or you can sign in to your paypal account and send money to funkygh@gmail.com

Graham Hawthorne 2012