Move for (H)ours - This song (which you're listening to you at this very moment), is the flagship song for the project.

lyrics - Caitlin, with back-seat driving by GH.

melody -Amanda Homi, with back-seat driving by GH.

GH - music, drums, keyboards and programming, guitars, production, and this very gritty ruff mix (better FAB mix coming soon).

fem vox - the wonderful and beautiful Polina Goudieva.

male vox - the redoubtable Ray Frazier.

horns - Walter White. (special thanks to him! it was a bitch of a part, and he nailed it, doing it at his own studio and sending all the tracks to me.)

It still needs real strings, flute, and bass instead of the samples. Someday I'll get around to it, maybe.
One anecdote - I recorded these drums DURING a david byrne soundcheck in Europe, through my onstage monitor rig. there is all kinds of random conversation and people playing other bits of songs in the drum track, but it's imperceptably soft.
As soon as I have a better mix I will cut it into the clip we made and upload it - stay tuned. It's really cool, Cait having done a great job on the video edit.....

Free to Be- this is a song I wrote and recorded with Ray Frazier, who was one of the background vocalists on the David Byrne '08-09 tour. We wrote it and recorded it mostly in hotel rooms all over the world. I'll never forget that I went to soundcheck in Toyko and our bass player Paul Frazier (Ray's brother), said, "man I was trying to nap this afternoon but there was someone in the next room making the weirdest whining sounds". That was me attempting to sing super high background vocals on one of the things we were writing. haha!

Process clip - we made this for a grant application. it shows a bit of the process of putting together the various elements - cutting some percussion tracks, videotaping the dancers, editing video, comping vocals, and mixing.

Graham Hawthorne 2012