Graham Hawthorne is one of the most highly regarded Drummer/Percussionists in New York City. As a top call studio musician, he has played on hundreds of records, movie soundtracks and jingles. discography
He has also toured and appeared live and on TV with a long list of major artists, and a great many lesser known but equally talented artists. live+tv

Known for his a funky/soulful groove, fantastic sounds, outstanding creativity, and open/communicative approach, his work is superlative whatever the musical situation.

In 2001 he took over the drum chair with Paul Simon from drumming legend Steve Gadd, performing on the Grammy awards, David Letterman, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and a 50 city U.S. tour which culminated in a sold out show at Los Angeles’ Greek theater with Paul McCartney. simon
From late 2003 until the present he has been the drummer of choice for visionary musician/artist David Byrne. byrne

Graham has traveled extensively to other continents to study and research music, mastering many world rhythms and styles. This has led to working with acclaimed world music and crossover artists. world

In the jazz world, Graham has toured or recorded with a number of celebrated artists and musicians. jazz

More than just a great drummer, he is also acclaimed for his work as a visionary leader, producer and as an excellent clinician andteacher.

Graham released his first solo CD, MBALAFUNK, in 2002 – it is a combination of all of his musical influences, underpinned by Senegalese Rhythm and Drumming. Ahead of it’s time, it’s seamless integration of elements is unrivaled in the short history of world-pop music.

Lastly, Graham has mastered modern production, programming and editing techniques using computer based digital audio workstations like Pro Tools. In this capacity he has worked with many top-name artists and producers.

All of these skills working together make him a modern musician who gets the job done at AAA level, whether it be playing, producing, writing, arranging, editing, tweaking, or contracting other talent. If you can’t come to New York City or bring him to you, send over your tracks and he and his team of talented accomplices will bring your music to another level. internet sessions

Graham was born and raised in Chicago, to musical parents. His father Harry Hawthorne, was a highly regarded studio, jazz and classical drummer/percussionist in Chicago before relocating to teach at The University of Miami School of Music. Consequently, Graham had the benefit of growing up studying and playing with top-shelf musicians and teachers – some might say becoming a prodigy in the process. While still in junior high school, he began his music career – playing private parties, jazz and theatre gigs around Chicago.

At The University of Miami on a full scholarship, he maintained a full time music career playing with club bands, jazz groups, and touring national acts while earning a Bachelor of Music degree. Miami is where he first immersed himself in ethnic music – soaking up and studying the city’s Latin/South American music culture A year of graduate studies at New York University followed, but the call of being a full-time player was too great and he didn’t finish a degree.No matter – he has not looked back!

Graham is grateful to have had the chance to work with some of the most talented and accomplished musicians and artists in the world, and he looks forward to continuing that. In addition, he has a renewed interest in educating and mentoring young players and artists – helping them find their way in the endlessly changing world of professional music creation. In his own words, “the business keeps changing, and people ask me how to find success and stay current. I tell them what I’ve discovered for myself - First you have to put in the hours and effort to master your craft; by default you will meet other talented and driven people. Then it’s simply a matter of doing it all the time while keeping your eyes open about changes in the business, and being flexible. You never know where opportunity will come from.”

Graham Hawthorne 2012