Update to my different drums post

I went out to GMS the other week to check out some new vintage style snare drums they're making (8 lugs, rounded bearing edge). Jim Mola (the great jazz drummer, singer and drum geek) came with me, bringing along one of his vintage Rogers power tone snare drums for comparison.

I grudgingly admit that a bunch of the snares we listened to have very different characters, even though they all conform to my requirements for a good sound (thin round shell, good edge, simple design). And I was very tempted to buy one of the new GMS drums (I eventually will).

BUT, a few days after that I was doing an internet session for my old friend Barry Finnerty and it called for a thumpy old-school sound. I was thinking boy, I wish I had that GMS super vintage snare right now, or a Rogers power tone. not having one, I grabbed a drum key and lowered every lug on my modern 10 lug diecast hoop GMS snare a half turn. then I put one of those muffle rings on it, and pressed the record button. Brilliant sound - perfect for the track. I dare you to listen to it and tell me that it doesn't sound as good and as appropriate as one of those old vintage drums...

SO, I stick to my original statement, with a slight modification. YES, different drums and vintage drums have a somewhat different character, particularly when you make a direct A/B comparison, but it does not mean that any good quality drum cannot be made to do the job in almost all cases. So again, get a good quality nice drumkit that you like and are comfortable tuning, and use it - tune it up, tune it down, muffle it, unmuffle it - whatever. you don't need 10 different snare drums, and you definitely don't need that 70's Ludwig kit on ebay - (talk about overrated).

quick story from GMS - one of them told me they were at NAMM a couple of years ago and they're standing talking to Bill Ludwig Jr. some collector kid comes up with an old Ludwig snare and says, "Mr Ludwig, can you tell what year this drum is? I've tried to figure it out but the serial number is missing, bla bla bla bla."
Ludwig says something like (I'm paraphrasing): "NO, I have no idea, and I don't care. buy a new drum - you vintage geeks are killing the market".

Graham Hawthorne 2012